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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your cookie preferences or identify whether you are a new or returning user.

What does SLEEPCARE Clinics use cookies for?

Some cookies are set by us and called first party cookies. We also use third party cookies – which are cookies from a domain different than the domain of the website you are visiting. These third-party cookies enable certain website functionality, such as our live chats, provide us with aggregate website usage information and help us to target our advertising and marketing efforts.

More specifically, SLEEPCARE Clinics uses cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

  • Enabling your use of integrated website functionality upon your request e.g., our live website chat tool, making a payment.
  • Analysing your use of our website services
  • Assisting with our promotional and marketing efforts (including behavioural advertising)

What types of cookies does SLEEPCARE Clinics use?

Below is a detailed list of the cookies we use on our website. Our website is scanned with our cookie scanning tool regularly to maintain a list as accurate as possible. We classify cookies in the following categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Performance Cookies
  • Functional Cookies
  • Targeting Cookies

In the sections below, we set out further information on each of these types of cookies.

How can I opt out of cookies used by SLEEPCARE Clinics?

You can opt-out of each cookie category (except strictly necessary cookies) by clicking on the “cookie settings” button below.

Please note that opting out of different types of cookie may impact the functionality of the website – we explain more on this in the next sections.


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SLEEPCARE Clinics, LTD uses Google Analytics cookies, the configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google, which is why we suggest you consult the Google Analytics privacy page, intl/es_ALL/analytics/learn/privacy.html for more information about the cookies you use and how to disable them (with the understanding that we are not responsible for the content or veracity of third-party websites).

Disabling cookies

The user can freely decide about the implementation or not of our cookies on their hard drive, as well as their elimination, following the procedure established in the help section of their browser. The user can also configure their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a notice on the screen of the receipt of each cookie and decide at that moment whether or not to place them on their hard drive.

Links to device and browser manufacturers to manage or disable cookies in your browser:

For Internet Explorer:

For Chrome:

For Safari:

For Firefox:

For Android:

For Windows Phone:

If you wish to have greater control over the installation of cookies, you can install programs or add-ons to your browser, known as “Do Not Track” tools, which will allow you to choose which cookies you wish to allow.

The fact that the user configures their browser to reject all cookies or expressly reject our cookies may mean that it is not possible to access some of the services and that their experience on our website may be less satisfactory.
Cookies and identifiers in the App

The download and use of the App do not imply the storage of cookies on the user’s device.

In the App itself, the following identifiers are recorded in an encrypted manner and without being stored on any server or other external storage system or other application on the same device (User preference zone, GPS location, last date and time of viewing… .). The purposes of said information are: to present the user with a faster and easier way to consult information about the services of SLEEPCARE Clinics, LTD.

These data are permanently stored within the App until the user decides to replace them with new data or uninstalls the App.


Third Party Cookies

To enrich our website content, sometimes we may embed video content from other social media websites such as YouTube and interactive tools such as online poll functionality. As a result, when you visit a page with content embedded, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. SLEEPCARE Clinics has no control or liability over these cookies set, so you should check the relevant third party’s cookie policy for more information.

We also offer a ‘share page’ widget on some of our web pages, where content can be shared easily on the following sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Please note these sites may set a cookie should you share them and SLEEPCARE Clinics has no control or liability over these cookies, so you should check the relevant third party’s cookie policy for more information.

More information on Cookies

For more information on how to control your cookie settings browser settings on how to delete cookies from your hard drive please visit

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