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The SLEEPCARE CLINIC OF SLEEP AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE offer a comprehensive medical service to people with respiratory conditions and sleep disorders, especially sleep apnoea and long COVID. It is a multidisciplinary team of specialists in different areas of medicine and other professions, competent to diagnose and treat sleep disorders, their causes, complications and comorbidities. It currently has a presence on four continents, in 20 countries, with more than 50 clinicians from 18 specialities and can assist patients in more than ten languages.

It can perform special diagnostic tests for different branches of medicine and offer the appropriate treatment, including non-invasive mechanical ventilation, for any respiratory problem, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea, COVID-19 and long COVID.

We offer a Telemedicine service through which patients from anywhere in the world and from their smartphones or computer can meet with our specialists worldwide, with the security guarantee of complying with the highest standards of data protection, confidentiality and quality of care.

We can offer home services for Sleep Studies in the comfort and tranquillity of the patient’s bed so that they do not have to go to a clinic or hospital.

Strategic alliances with authorised distributors of CPAP equipment, dental prosthesis, mandibular advancement devices, etc., of the widest variety of brands allow us to suggest the right therapy at the best value for money. The range of prices, qualities, features, and benefits is vast and always adapted to the client’s budget, preferences, and clinical needs. These services are available in countries where this practice is feasible.

A team with human quality, empathetic to our patient’s health problems and needs, is always ready to help you.

The range of prices, qualities, features, and benefits is vast, always adapted to the client’s budget, preferences, and clinical needs. These services are available in countries where this practice is feasible. A team with human quality, empathetic to our patient’s health problems and needs, is always ready to help you.

Dr Carlos Rivas

Our mission

To offer the most advanced medical technology and the most outstanding multidisciplinary team of specialists to ensure the best medical care, especially for sleep disorders, their causes and complications, and respiratory diseases, particularly those requiring ventilatory therapy (including COVID-19 and long COVID).

To ensure that all our patients benefit from appropriate treatment, regardless of their socio-economic status.

To offer high quality continuing medical education to maintain high standards of patient care, both to our team and to all interested healthcare providers.

To create an effective dissemination network on the pathologies in which we specialise to provide the community with tools to prevent suffering from them.

Our vission

To become the Ibero-American, European and UK reference centre for diagnosing and treating the most frequent diseases, especially sleep disorders, their causes, complications and comorbidities; and respiratory diseases, particularly COVID-19 and long COVID.

Sleep Care Clinics


The best specialists at your service

Prof. Dr. Carlos Rivas Echeverría

Prof. Dr. Carlos Rivas Echeverría


Dra. Lizmar Indira Molina Ochoa

Dra. Lizmar Indira Molina Ochoa

General Practitioner

Ing. Leo Thomas Ramos

Ing. Leo Thomas Ramos


Dr. Luis Homero Ramírez Cárdenas

Dr. Luis Homero Ramírez Cárdenas

Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Consultant

Prof. Dr. António Rui Leal

Prof. Dr. António Rui Leal

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant

Prof. Francklin Rivas Echeverría

Prof. Francklin Rivas Echeverría



SleepCare Clinics

Nurse Rebecca Harris

Practice nurse. Diabetes specialist nurse. Services I can offer are enhanced Diabetes reviews online. Support with insulin titration. Recommendations of oral diabetic medication. Diet and lifestyle support.

Leicester, UK

SleepCare Clinics

Emma Harris Personal Trainer

BTEC National Diploma in Sport. Level 1 Football coaching. Gym Instructor level 2. Level 3 Advanced gym Instructing and personal training. Level two in swimming pool supervision and rescue. Advanced apprenticeship in active in active leisure and learning.

Nuneaton, UK

Dra Bibiana Ysabel BalestriniI Rojas

Dra. Bibiana Ysabel Balestrini Rojas

Medical Specialist in General Medicine.


Dra Jessica Schwartz

Dra. Jessica Schwartz

Medical Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology. Expert in respiratory disorders of sleep, snoring and applied rhinology.

Chile y Venezuela

Dr Alfonso Enrique Rivas Alarcon

Dr. Alfonso Enrique Rivas Alarcón

Medical Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Expert in sleep disorders in women, in menopause.


Lcda María del Pilar Alegre Casado

Lcda. María del Pilar Alegre Casado

Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics with a Specialty in Nephrology. Expert chiromassage practitioner holistic therapist in NLP.

Spain and Venezuela

Dhara Shah

Self Help Mentor Coaching. Expert Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

United Kingdom

Dr Alí J Santos Rodríguez

Dr. Alí J. Santos Rodríguez

Internal Medicine Specialist. Critical medicine and intensive therapy.


Dr. Attilio Radomile

Dentistry and Orthodontics. Expert in sleep apnea and tourist dentistry.


Lcda. Nair Dávila Rivas

Nutrition and diet. Sound Reiki Master Holistic Therapist Public Relations.


Dr Francisco José Tucci González

Dr. Francisco José Tucci González

Medical Doctor. 


Dr Carlos Lorenzo Pérez

Dr. Carlos Lorenzo Pérez

General surgeon.


Lcda. Claudia Cristina Almeida Días

Personal Trainer. Expert pilates therapeutic massages. 


Dr Pascual Caterino

Dr. Pascual Caterino

General surgeon.


Dr. Nelson Campos

Physician with a Doctorate in Medical Sciences Specialist in Cardiology.


Dra. Olimar Barillas

Medical Specialist in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care Cardiology.


Dr Pedro Dávila

Dr. Pedro Dávila

Medical Specialist in Rheumatology Internal Medicine. 

Perú and Venezuela

Dr. Pedro R. Caraballo O.

Medical Specialist in Occupational Health Occupational Medicine.


Lcda Zoraida Jerez

Lcda. Zoraida Jerez

Nutrition and diet.


Lcda Betsy Huizzi

Lcda. Betsy Huizzi

Surgical Instrumental Nurse.


Dra. María Del Pilar Julio

Medical Specialist in Anesthesiology.


Dr Khawer Naveed Siddiqui

Dr. Khawer Naveed

Medical Specialist in Cardiology.


Dr Acran Habib

Dr. Acran Yousseph Habib Habib



Dr Carlos Rivas
Get your diagnosis online

At SLEEPCARE Clinics, we offer online appointments for your convenience. Face to face in Leicester, UK, Majorca, Spain and Merida, Venezuela. If you are struggling with any sleep disorder, don't suffer in silence. Take the first step toward a better night's sleep by booking an appointment with us today. Our compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare providers are here to help you get the restful sleep you need to live your best life.

OR CALL: +44 7873 553398

Prof. Dr. Carlos Rivas Echeverría


Dr Carlos Rivas

GP with a special interest in Sleep Medicine

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria is a GP with an extended role (previously called GP with special interest) in sleep medicine, working part-time salaried and as a Locum for the NSH, and proudly practices privately at The Health Suite.

He qualified in Venezuela in 1992 and completed specialist training in Internal Medicine, Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, a Master in Sleep Medicine, a PhD degree, a postdoctoral fellowship in Sleep Medicine and Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Venezuela, Spain, the USA, and Canada. He is licenced to practice in the UK, Spain, and Venezuela.

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria has specialist expertise in sleep medicine, mainly sleep-disordered breathing and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (including obesity). He undertakes sleep studies, split night sleep studies (polysomnography, in-home sleep test/home respiratory polygraphy for diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing and insomnia), sets up CPAP/Bilevel devices, CPAP titration, assessment of compliance, advancement mandibular devices, 24-48-72 hour ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, set up non-invasive mechanical ventilation for acute or long-term conditions (COVID-19, long covid, heart failure, etc.), home visit for sleep studies (for bedridden patients only), online (video teleconsultation) treatment for insomnia.

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria is a dynamic GP and an A&E Consultant with a stellar track record in sleep medicine. Having been the pioneer of sleep medicine in Venezuela, he has patented software and methods for diagnosing sleep Apnoea and developed a franchise system of a network of sleep clinics. In addition, he was a professor at the best university in Venezuela and has published dozens of scientific papers and chapters in textbooks. He is also part of several editorial committees and a reviewer for journals and conferences.

Dra. Lizmar Indira Molina Ochoa

General Practitioner

Dra Lizmar Molina

She graduated as a medical doctor in 2006 at the University of Los Andes (ULA), Merida-Venezuela. She was the Supervisor and Coordinator of the Preeclampsia Prevention Program (1993 – 2001), Merida-Venezuela. She is a member of projects at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (LabSIula) of the University of Los Andes (1998 –). Sales manager of CPAP Company de Venezuela, C.A. (2003-2006). She has published more than 15 scientific articles in journals. She has been a primary care physician in Soria, particularly in Paediatrics. He is currently a primary care physician in Mallorca—Medical Director of the SLEEPCARE Clinic of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine in Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Leo Ramos


Leo Ramos

Leo is a student at Yachay Tech University, Ecuador, majoring in information technology engineering. His research areas focus on deep learning, including computer vision, natural language processing, and data science. He is part of three research groups and has presented his work in different journals and conferences.

He has completed national and international internships and collaborates with prominent researchers from different countries, including Spain, France, England, and the United States. He is currently working on several research projects, including collaborations with NASA researchers.

He also works as Trainee Engineer at Kauel Inc., a company dedicated to developing artificial intelligence systems for the energy sector.

Dr. Luis Homero Ramírez Cárdenas

Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Consultant

Dr Luis Homero Ramírez Cárdenas

He graduated as a Surgeon in 1990 at the University of Los Andes (ULA), Merida-Venezuela. He earned specialities in Internal Medicine (1996) and Cardiology (1999) at ULA. He is currently an Associate of the Cardiology service of the Comprehensive Medical Care Center of the Universidad de Los Andes (CAMIULA), Merida – Venezuela (since 2000). He has been CAMIULA Ambulatory Care Coordinator (2004-2007). The Teaching Assistance Coordinator of CAMIULA (2008-2015). Volunteer Cardiologist of the Merida Sectional Venezuelan Red Cross, Professional Member of the American Heart Association, Member of the European Society of Cardiology, Member of the Organizing Committee of the Central-Western Days of Cardiology Foundation, Independent National Producer for radio and television PNI: 6552, Producer of the Radio SALUD AL DÍA program that is broadcast on Saturdays by ULAFM 107.7. He completed the Psychoneurolinguistics Course applied to effective communication. He has participated in multiple national and international congresses in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and has been a National and International Speaker at different events in the Cardiology area. He is a Research member of the Preeclampsia Prevention Group and the Sleep Apnea Study Group (SLEEPCARE Clinics of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine).

Prof. Dr. António Rui Leal

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant

Prof Dr António Rui Leal

Degree – Faculty of Medicine of UP (1991) (15 Values). Master in Sports Medicine (FMUP) (1996). Doctorate in Medical Sciences (ICBAS) (2005). Sub-specialty in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. Medical Specialties(s): Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (since 2001), Occupational Medicine (since 2000), Sports Medicine (since 2003). Medical Competences (recognised by O.M.): Expert in Legal Medicine (INML) (since 2001), Medical Acupuncture (ICBAS) (since 2006), Health Unit Management (UCP) (since 2009). Others: Emergency Medicine (INEM/SUs) (since 1996), Guest Professor of ICBAS (S.C. and M.L.) (since 2000), Director of VITAClinic/M.D. Lda (MFR) (since 2005), Diretor da SefForHig, Lda (M.T.) (since 2015). International Experiences: France (2 years); Spain/Andorra (8 months); USA (3 months). Where and when can I be found: VITAClinic, Rua Campo Alegre 1236, Porto-Portugal. Tel 226094201, 919365211 or via Skype. SCHEDULE: Monday to Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Prof. Francklin Rivas Echeverria


Prof Francklin Rivas Echeverría PhD

He graduated as a Systems Engineer in 1993 at the Universidad de Los Andes, Merida-Venezuela. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Control Engineering in 1996 and a PhD in Applied Sciences in 2000. He has a Diploma in Administrative Law and another in Strategic Management. He is a Professor of the Department of Control Systems of the School of Systems Engineering of the Universidad de Los Andes. Until July 2012, he was the General Coordinator of the Consulting, Projects and Technological Innovation Unit of the Universidad de Los Andes (UAPIT- ULA). The General Coordinator of the Rector’s Office of the University of Los Andes. Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Ibarra Campus. He is a Prometeo researcher (Senescyt, Ecuador) from 2015 to 2016. He has been President of the Board of Directors of several National and International Consortiums. He is the Administrative Coordinator of the Business Engineering and Automated Management Research Group (GIEGA) and the ULA Intelligent Systems Laboratory (LabSIULA). He was the creator and founding member of said Laboratory. He was the Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Control and Automation Engineering, Coordinator of the Group on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Medicine and Engineering, and Coordinator of the Business Fairs held at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Los Andes. He has published more than 250 scientific articles in journals, books and international conference proceedings. He is the co-author of 11 books. He serves on various journal and conference editorial boards. He has been a jury member for various scientific awards, Master’s and Doctorate projects at a national and international level; he has been a special guest to give Master Conferences and Tutorials in multiple parts of the world. He has received several national and international awards. The Researcher Encouragement Program and the Direct Support for Groups of the Universidad de Los Andes have recognised him. He is currently recognised through the National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Innovation and Research Stimulus Program, Level C (Highest). He coordinates the Venezuelan part of the Binational Project with France: «Doctoral Cooperation Program» in the Supervision and Maintenance area and previously did so in the Automation area.

He has been a consultant to the Venezuelan oil industry (PDVSA), the United Nations (U.N.), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Halliburton, the Venezuelan steel company (SIDOR), the national aluminium company (VENALUM), the Mass Transportation System ( TROLMERIDA), Ministry of Health and Social Development, different Venezuelan ministries and universities, among others. He has tutored over 70 Bachelor’s, Master and Doctorate theses. His main line of research is related to Artificial Intelligence and its applications. Recognition delivered by the Halliburton Company for «contributions and dedication to the development of petroleum technology.» Award by the International Magazine «Gerente» for being among the 100 most successful Venezuelan Managers.