Ease Fit NMI Nasal CPAP Mask



Ventilation mode CPAP, BIPAP

Applications for CPAP therapy

Material silicone

Other characteristics adjustable


Nasal artificial ventilation mask

EasyFit FMI: Vented, with anti-blocking holes, Connector: 1 piece, Grey color male

– EasyFit FMI-NV Type: Non Vented, connector: 2 pieces, Grey colored male type, and Blue colored female type

– Common: EasyFit FMI/ EasyFit FMI-NV

Tube compatible: φ22mm (ISO 5356-1)

Resistance: Drop in pressure measured

at 50L / min ≤1 cmH2O

at 100L / min ≤2 cmH2O

Sound: In accordance with ISO 4871

Less than 35dBA

Environmental conditions:

Operating temperature: + 5 ℃ to + 40 ℃;

Operating humidity, 15-95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Storage and transport temperature: -20 ℃ to + 60 ℃;

Storage and transport humidity: not exceeding 95% RH, non-condensing

Cleaning: Warm soapy water

Net Weight: Appox.: 0.5 kg


S: 175.9mm (height) × 110mm (width) × 112.5mm (thickness)

M: 183.9mm (height) × 118mm (width) × 114.5mm (thickness)

L: 194.9mm (height) × 122mm (width) × 114.5mm (thickness)


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