ResGuard Series Non-Invasive Ventilator


  • Medical treatment parameters / HF output.
  • Wide range of IPAP / High leakage compensation.
  • LCD Touch Screen.
  • Lithium Battery Standby.
  • Ventilation Modes.
  • Range of IPAP.
  • HF Output.
  • High leakage compensation.


  • Built in standby lithium battery, operation time ≥8 hours, convenient internal transfer in the hospital.
  • Integrated Trolley and lifting arm, convenient therapy and move position between beds. humidifier and storage basket to meet the needs of medical staff.
  • Low tidal volume alarm. Asphyxia alarm, mask falling off alarm high motor temperature alarm, low battery alarm.
  • Range of IPAP:4-40cmH20, Wider range of treatment.
  • Real time monitoring on leakage. Accurate and effective leakage compensation which Max120L/min.
  • IPVS intelligent mode to calculate appropriate VT based on the Height and weight of patient.
  • Provide stable flow output, which is conducive to scour the dead cavity of respiratory airway.
  • Flow range: 10~80L/min.


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