ResPlus BPAP Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure For More Complex Breathing Problems


  • Auto on/off
  • Synchrony Tech
  • Ramp
  • Heated humidifier
  • Data storage
  • Tidal Volume
  • Control Quiet design
  • Failure alarm
  • Airleak compensation
  • Quality assurance


Patient Ventilator Synchrony
Inspiration triggered while patient and ventilator synchronized,to improve comfortv.

Dynamic monitoring
Real-time display:I/E pressure,airflow waveform and various breathing related data to ensure the effect of therapy.

Inteligent Operation Inteface
①3.5″color TFT display, Concise interface, apply rotatory shuttle button, simple and easy to operate
②HD color display, shuttle button, concise UI interface.

VAF intelligent tidal volume control
Ensure target tidal volume to meet the need of different patient.

<30dB Quiet accompanying
High quality blower,double fan blade design,silenced air channel,quiet accompanying,just for you and your family have a good sleep.

Host and humidifier separable
Separable design,host can be solo used,easy to clean,safe and portable.

Automatic leakage compensation
Intellgent detect the difference in flow rate, when the user turns over at night, automatic compensate the leakage volume, safer and more effective.


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